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Ceramic Coatings Service
Starting form $600
(does not include Paint Correction)
Ceramic coatings provide a stronger form of protection that lasts years, unlike waxes or sealants that last a few months.
Ceramic coatings make your life easier while keeping your car looking amazing. They produce incredible shine, leaving paint looking like a mirror! Maybe most importantly, your vehicle stay cleaner for longer and washing will be quicker and easier!

Coatings provide a sacrificial layer which makes it more difficult for harmful contaminants such as dirt, bird bombs, water spots, bug guts, etc. to damage your paint.

If you want your car to look better with less effort, these coatings are the solution!

Product Features
- Stays Clean and Glossy much longer than traditional waxes and sealants - very easy to maintain!
- Harder, thicker, and glossier than any traditional form of protection
- Extremely hydrophobic & will retain hydrophobic properties longer than traditional waxes and sealants
- Thick layer of protection provides that better resistance to environmental contaminants
- Adds measurable thickness to surface to help prolong the life of your paint system over time
- No need to wax the vehicle after nano coating has been installed
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