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NEW: Our Special Monthly Maintenance Plan
Monthly Services:
Choice of Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly
  • Eco-Friendly Rinseless Hand Wash and Wax of entire body and wheels, dress tires
  • Steam clean to disinfect and sanitize vent ducts, plastic, leather, and fabric. Clean glass, door jambs, and vacuum
Awesome Additional Perks
  • Dedicated Appointment Time (No Waiting!)
  • Weekly plans receive 4 free details/year
  • Bi weekly plans receive 2 free details/year
  • 50% off Leather cleaning
  • 10% off leather and fabric protectants
Custom Detailing Services
Hand Car Wash
  • Eco-Friendly Rinseless wash/wax
  • Dried with Soft Micro fiber Towels
  • Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
  • Quick Wax Applied
  • Thorough Interior Vacuum
  • Dashboard/ Door Panel & Cup Holder Cleaned
  • Break Dust Removed From Wheels
  • Tire Shine

Wash and Sealant
  • Eco-Friendly Rinseless wash/sealant
  • Dried with Soft Micro fiber Towels
  • 3 to 4 month Protective Sealant is Applied By Hand
  • Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
  • Quick Detailing Spray
  • Thorough Interior Vacuum
  • Dashboard/ Door Panel & Cup Holder Cleaned
  • Break Dust Removed From Wheels
  • Tire Shine
  • Floor mats steam cleaned/shampoo
  • All surfaces and air vent ducts steamed to disinfect and sanitize
Ceramic Coatings
  • Scratch Resistant – helps to resist wash marring and light swirling.
  • Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant – prevents colors from fading / bleaching.
  • Anti-static – less dust build up in dry conditions.
  • Chemical Resistant – 100% resistant against damaging contamination and harsh chemicals.
  • Superior high gloss– mirror finish – unrivalled gloss & clarity.
  • Super Hydrophobic– fantastic, aesthetically appealing water beading & sheeting.
  • Anti-Calcium effect – prevents water spot etching.
  • Easy to clean/self-cleaning effect – simple future maintenance & upkeep.
  • Temperature & UV Resistant – Resistant to high temperatures and UV damage
  • 100% coverage of every surface with our professional application Process.
Car Emblem And Debadging
  • Removing desired badge or emblem
  • Safely removing factory adhesive
  • Wet sanding
  • Polishing to perfection
  • Keeping your emblems in tact for you to repurpose
New Car Prep
  • Exterior is carefully washed by hand
  • Wheels, tires, and arches cleaned
  • Vehicle is carefully dried
  • Surface contamination is removed from exterior surfaces
  • Paint work is carefully polished
  • Long Lasting Sealant is applied by hand
  • Interior Surfaces are properly prepared and protected.
  • Windows are left spotless
  • Tires and trim are treated to a satin finish
Additional Services
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Spot Free Snow Foam Bath Hand Wash
  • Clay Bar
  • Paint Polishing/Correction
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Leather Protectant
  • Fabric Cleaning
  • Fabric Protectant
Before Getting Your Car Detailed,
Your First Step Is To Read This Informative Guide:
We Are A Certified Detailer for Gyeon Quartz
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